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March 16th, 2011

02:26 pm
Hi all! I thought I would stop by and show you the ninetales I made recently.  She was supposed to be for a trade with a LJ/DeviantArt member, but she turned out too big for their shelf ^^  If you would like her, she is 40$ plush shipping.  She is a little over 5 inches long (hence how expensive she is, she's quite big)  and made with alot of love.  Wire for support, acrylic paint, and glazed for protection :).  

On a side note, I'm having so much fun with my adoptable group on Deviant art.  I fell in love with the idea of adoptables- they are pretty popular on there.  But I created a twist- getting a real figure of your adoptable! I've made many so far, and they all turned out so cute :)  If you want to check the group out, go here ->http://adorableadopts.deviantart.com/

I should probably do the homework I've put off for forever now... ;3

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March 7th, 2011

04:52 am - New Pokemon Games!
I'm really enjoying my new white version! I chose Oshawott, and I just love all the new features!  Everything is so new and exciting!!

On a side note- I finished a part of a trade with my friend before the release.. a baby Girafarig sculpture!! :)  It's so cute <3  I had to share it!

I'm off to my grandparents for a few days, so I'll see you all around later!  Spring break and pokemon.. sounds great to me! <3
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March 4th, 2011

03:56 am - Hmmm!
Hey there all!  I've been hesitant, but so many sculptors on deviantArt are over here I just couldn't resist!  I don't really know how everything works just yet, but I'll figure it out in time ^_^

I'm a sculptor, and a pokemon fan- Which ends up in tons of pokemon sculptures! I hope to make many new friends on here, and maybe do some trades or commissions while I'm at it!  Please don't hesitate to contact me- I'm a very friendly person!

'Til I figure everything out, you can check out my deviantArt if you'd like :)


*wants a pokemon journal skin here so bad*

Until next time.. <3
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